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Seven Tips For Writing A Great Memoir

December 30, 2013

DavideSapienza_pen&paperUsing my crystal ball, I predict that a number of you are thinking about the book you’ve been wanting to write. Perhaps it’s a memoir. If so, here are some tips you consider:

Give yourself time. Writing a book isn’t an overnight process.Read More

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When You Shouldn’t Write Your Memoir

December 27, 2013

Woman_with_a_rough_life_checking_herself_out_in_the_mirror_(8436629921)Are you debating whether or not to write your life story? You’re not alone. I have had quite a few clients who have waffled over the same dilemma. And more often than not, I will advise people to go ahead and write down the chronological details of their past, if only for their immediate family.… Read More

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