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It’s Good Business to Write a Book

February 21, 2014

450px-NicheIf you’re a business owner, an entrepreneur, you should have a book with your name on it. Having a book about your business or industry should be part of your branding strategy.

Of course, it needs to be a well-written book, which benefits the reader with helpful ideas.Read More

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What Is A Memoir?

January 13, 2014

Darwin's_apeA memoir is creative nonfiction, which allows a reader to step into the shoes of the author and experience their life as they did. It shouldn’t be a dry account of a series of incidents, but a passionate retelling of a personal journey.Read More

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Should I Fictionalize My Memoir?

January 6, 2014

cartoon my lifeMost of the ghostwriting requests I get are from people who want to share their life story. They often say, “I’ve been told by many friends that I should write a book!” Sometimes their friends are right, sometimes not, but it’s a good indication if many people are pushing you in that direction.Read More

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Is Ghostwriting Ethical?

January 1, 2014

UniverseI’ve been a ghostwriter for over ten years now and love it. However, I do get a varied response when people hear that I write books for other people. A typical conversation might go:

“So you’re telling me that you write the book, but someone else gets all the credit?”

“That’s right.”

“But how is that fair?”

“I’m fine with it.… Read More

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Seven Tips For Writing A Great Memoir

December 30, 2013

DavideSapienza_pen&paperUsing my crystal ball, I predict that a number of you are thinking about the book you’ve been wanting to write. Perhaps it’s a memoir. If so, here are some tips you consider:

Give yourself time. Writing a book isn’t an overnight process.Read More

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When You Shouldn’t Write Your Memoir

December 27, 2013

Woman_with_a_rough_life_checking_herself_out_in_the_mirror_(8436629921)Are you debating whether or not to write your life story? You’re not alone. I have had quite a few clients who have waffled over the same dilemma. And more often than not, I will advise people to go ahead and write down the chronological details of their past, if only for their immediate family.… Read More

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Hello world!

December 8, 2009

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!